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Each smoothie makes 400ml30days Fitness  Banana berry  Strawberry basil  Peanut butter bliss  Banana oats  Green twist  Sweet mocha  Vanilla hemp  Strawberry tofu  Banana berry  Super green All multiply into 3 to make 30 smoothies for 30days Total price: 5,635After 10% discount: 5,063 Points: High calorie High protein Healthy fats High fibre Antioxidant rich Long lasting enery
March 29, 2022

Subscription Plan2

Each smoothie makes upto 250ml.Slurpy snacks (mini) - 30days  Banana berry Blue pineapple Peanut butter bliss  Banana oats  Green pineapple  Beet red  Carrot smoothie  Green twist  Avocado love  Pumpkin smoothie All multiply into 3 to make 30 smoothies for 30days. Total price- 2,940After 10% discount- 2,646 Points: Low calories Fibre rich Instant energy Immunity booster Protein rich Vitamin and mineral dense
March 29, 2022

Subscription Plan1

Each smoothie makes upto 250ml.Everyday breakfast(30days) Blissful blue  banana oats Berry twist  Kiwi chiller  Blue pineapple strawberry tofu Banana berry  Avocado love  Peanut butter bliss  Super green  Beet red  Green pineapple  Vanilla hemp  Cool blend  Green twist All multiply in to two to make it 30 smoothies for 30days Total price- 5,740After 10% discount- 5,166 Points: Wholesome Protein rich Contains vitamin A, B, C, E and K Iron and calcium rich Fibre loaded with healthy fats
March 29, 2022
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