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With every new product introduced in the market comes a round of speculations.

Good enough? High in preservatives? Or just not healthy enough?

As frozen fruits and vegetables rose to fame as a healthy snack alternative and a great way to include greens in your diet, myths resurfaced too.

You don’t need to Google any further to know the truth. We help you draw a line between what’s true and what’s not, right here!

Let’s look at the myths that are doing the rounds to tap into people’s queries and sort out the fuss.

●     Frozen fruit loses all its nutritional value –

With frozen fruit, nothing is discarded, except for peels and seeds, so everything is at its proper place, not only making it a refreshing snack but also keeping the fibers intact.

Whereas while juicing strips the concoction of its much-needed fiber, frozen fruits are blended wholly to make frozen fruit smoothies, green smoothies, eaten with desserts, or included as such in a recipe. The same sort of comparison can be done with canned products and readily available packaged juices and shakes

On the other hand, the typical market product is susceptible to losing some of its nutritious value through the journey of reaching your dinner table, but a frozen fruit won’t!

●     Is it highly processed? Not really

Preservatives could be an unavoidable aspect of many modern-day ready-to-eat foods, but frozen fruits are simply free from any such additives. We don’t blame you, but that’s merely a misconception that people believe in – anything packaged is processed. While you pick up highly processed and preservative-laden foods, why not pick nature’s best in its perfect form?

When chosen for freezing, fruits are picked keeping premium quality in mind, rather than processing them to make them look ripe and delicious artificially. Frozen fruits assure you that the fruit you are consuming is nowhere close to average quality.

While being packaged at the right time after harvest, it makes it better than the produce available in the market for days while also retaining its nutritious value, unlike the canned fruits.

●     Frozen fruits can help you lose weight.

Well, not just that, but incorporating nutrition-rich frozen fruits in your daily diet helps you fill in the gaps in your daily nutritional needs.

Whereas on the flip side, less weight cannot be equated with perfect health.

Weight loss is a lifestyle choice that requires overall dedication in more than one arena of well being

●     High in sodium –

No, we are not talking about a cup of instant noodles or packaged meals.

Frozen fruits help regulate blood sugar naturally, and there is absolutely no room for sodium, artificial sugars, or preservatives. Moreover, their calorie content too is in moderation and does not affect weight fluctuations.

The key takeaway here is that when you buy frozen fruit, it’s nothing but nutrition-rich fresh fruit!

●     Not as good as fresh

Fresh is great, and so is frozen! The Food and Drug Administration, in 1998, concluded that the nutritious value of frozen fruits is just as good as fresh ones. Next time you consider picking frozen apples for your evening snack, remember – it’s just the same.

That’s great, right?! But for some fruits, it’s even better.

Here’s how –

Some fruits like wild blueberries tend to retain their nutritional value for a longer time when frozen at the peak of taste and freshness. This basically means that they don’t go wrong during their storage period like those sold at the market.

On a different note, fresh fruits rot after a certain period, but frozen fruits being frozen in nature guarantee no waste and spoiling, so it’s environmental and economical.

●     Is Expensive than the real ingredients?

When you buy fruit, it’s just the fruit, BUT at an economical price! Better for your health and makes your pockets happy too!

And don’t be confused by the “Trends are always expensive” phenomena. You don’t necessarily have to pay a premium price for all things good and healthy.

In short, pay a comparatively lower price for fruits that won’t perish for a longer time. Not a bad deal, right?!

●     Frozen means fruit ice –

Not everything frozen is a ball of ice! Nor will it turn out like a sorbet when you pour it out of your blender. Frozen simply means maintaining the integrity and the original ripe condition of the fruit for future consumption, deterring it from going bad.

Frozen fruits are naturally better for the perfect frosty smoothie consistency and are eventually better when used for recipes.

So don’t dwell on thoughts of how to thaw it after it’s frozen again. It’s frozen, not iced!

With the most common myths dismissed, the pros of frozen fruits are simply worth giving it a try, especially when you are not burning a hole in your pocket! After all, some trends are worth following!

If eating healthy has been your new year’s resolution for years, now is the time to execute the plan!

We are making the goodness of a wholesome meal possible for you without having to break a sweat with little prep time and work.


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