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Banana Oats Smoothie pack - Mini


Banana | Oats | Almond Butter | Dates | Spinach

Fiber Rich

Iron Rich

Instant Energy

Add 150ml water to get a 250ml smoothie


Banana Oats Smoothie pack  Mini

Instant premix of banana-based smoothie with oats.

Add 150ml water to get a 250ml smoothie

Contains: Banana, Oats, Almond Butter, Dates, Spinach

Rich in: Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin K1, Iron and Folic Acid

  • Energy: 219 kcal
  • Carbohydrate: 34.42g
  • Protein: 5.37g
  • Fat: 6.65g
  • Added sugar: 0g
  • Natural sugar: 10.9g

“No Added Sugar”

Saturday night treats couldn’t get better!

Replace the unhealthy food with the wholesome nutrition of banana, oats and almond butter. While dates add a dash of natural sweetness, your kids would never know that we have sneaked in some spinach too!

Enjoy the creamiest sip with some smoked marshmallows!

Why Banana Oats?

Banana – Beyond potassium, bananas contain vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Bananas help in weight loss and aid in digestion. Antioxidants like dopamine and catechins in bananas help you feel full, satiating you in a healthy way.

Oats – Rolled oats are packed with antioxidants, avenanthramides, and manganese. The presence of soluble fibers like beta-glucan make rolled oats good for digestion and reducing blood sugar, cholesterol levels.

Almond Butter – Almond butter keeps heart ailments at bay. The vitamin E rich nut helps to maintain bone health while providing other health benefits. Almond butter is also rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, which can help prevent diabetes and obesity.

Dates – High in fiber and potassium, dates are the healthiest response for your sugar cravings. With antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids, dates ensure that your health is at its best. Dates help you to maintain an optimum blood sugar level while also promoting bone health.

Spinach – Popeye’s favourite food is indeed a powerhouse of vitamin C, K1, A, folic acid and many more nutrients! Spinach helps produce haemoglobin and bring oxygen to the tissues. It is not just great for eye health but also for reducing oxidative stress, along with several other health benefits.

Banana Oats Smoothie pack Mini | Ready to Blend Smoothie | 100% Natural


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