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Beet Red Smoothie pack - Mini


Apple | Strawberry | Beetroot | Dates | Ginger

Vitamin And Mineral Rich

Skin Healthy

Add 150ml water to get a 250ml smoothie

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Beet Red Smoothie pack  Mini

Instant premix of beetroot-based smoothie with frozen fruits & dates.

Add 150ml water  to get a 250ml smoothie

Contains: Apple, Strawberry, Beetroot, Dates, Ginger

Rich in: Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B9, Folate and Iron

  • Energy: 83.08 kcal
  • Protein: 1.03g
  • Fat: 0.68g
  • Carbohydrate: 18.21g
  • Added sugar: 0g
  • Natural sugar: 11.46g

No Added Sugar”

Apples, strawberries, and beetroot come together to give you the best of health and flavours.

And to balance the sweetness, what better than the natural goodness of dates?

Why Beet Red?

Apple – Rich in vitamin C, polyphenols, pectin and flavonoids, apples provide multiple health benefits like bone health and fighting asthma.

Strawberry – Along with vitamin C, manganese and vitamin B9, strawberries contain 25 different anthocyanins. The ellagitannins and ellagic acid help fight bacteria and are the main antioxidants present in strawberries.

Beetroot – A great source of folate, vitamin B9, manganese, potassium, vitamin C and iron, beetroot helps with multiple health functions. Iron helps transport oxygen to the red blood cells and improves skin health.

Dates – High in fiber and potassium, dates are the healthiest response for your sugar cravings. With antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids, dates ensure that your health is at its best. Dates help you to maintain an optimum blood sugar level while also promoting bone health.

Ginger – Not just a fragrant spice, but ginger also contains the compound gingerol that has medicinal properties. The herb can help with nausea, indigestion, morning sickness, osteoarthritis, and weight loss too!

Beet Red Smoothie pack  Mini | Ready to Blend Smoothie | 100% Natural


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