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Immunity is needed to fight the harmful micro-organisms.And the smoothies listed below are the perfect choice. Beetroot,Pineapple,Spinach,Avocado,Berries,Kale and Green Apples are rich ommunity boosting foods.These have antioxidant properties,vitamins and minerals which boosts the immune system …

October 11, 2019

Skin & Hair

Skin and Hair health is improved by adequate supply of protein,Vitamin A, Vitamin C and proper hydration.The hemp,tofu avocado, berries spinach,banana &pineapple are all rich sources of these nutrients needed for skin and hair health …

October 11, 2019

Weight Loss

Weight loss is achieved with a low calorie,high protein and fibre meal.Tofu Berries almonds banana oats and chia seeds are the foods that are loaded with all the protein,fibre and needed vitamins and minerals …

October 11, 2019

Kids Health

Kids need the most amount of well balanced nutritious meal.And nutritious means even the veggies and fruits which kids are choosy about.Solution to this is the above listed smoothie packs which are loaded with berries,oats,beet,spinach,chia seeds and what not ! so goahead and order these healthy options for kids health …

October 11, 2019

Protein Rich

Protein rich smoothies are the most important category as its needed by all the poeple working out and shedding those extra kilos by burning the fats.Tofu,Almonds hemp banan oats dates etc are all needed by the body to build the muscle protein mass,which are already present in the above mentioned smoothies …

June 29, 2019
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