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A meal is not an option when the ticking clock always gets you thinking about what to do next? No wonder, nutrition gets left behind and your “easy to get your hands on” fast food takes its stead.

How do you then replace the goodness of a wholesome meal with something equally nourishing but takes lesser time and hassle to prepare?

Read on to find out how –

What exactly is a meal replacement?

A lot comes under the umbrella of meal replacements, covering all that you can grab on the go. Be it energy bars, protein shakes, canned products, granola bars, powdered mixes, cup noodles, ready-to-eat soups, etc.

But the question remains, are they worth the hype and glory? Are those the right kinds of nutrition? Can they be eaten on an empty stomach? Are they really in their purest form and not processed?

Smoothies can be your daily dose to get your daily essentials, proteins, fats, and enough fiber in your diet, despite not going through the hassle of preparing a meal.

To go down the rabbit hole,

Fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes which are the building blocks for an active, energized, and better functioning body. So a Smoothie doesn’t just work by filling you up but fulfilling nutrition on a cellular level, and not just as a matter of calorific values.

Since in the case of a Smoothie, the ingredients are already blended and the fiber is broken down, it’s not only easier for the nutrients and enzymes to be absorbed in a better way but makes the digestive process quick too. This eventually helps to fight illnesses, detoxify and repair the body on a cellular level. Hence, the nutritional benefits reach your organs and your bloodstream quicker compared to a meal.

And since the fibers are intact and it keeps energy levels to a perfect high, Smoothies are more likely to curb cravings for a longer time which as a result helps avoid overeating and weight gain. The reason for keeping everything intact, Smoothies are often referred to as “Whole Juices

This helps to fulfill the daily nutritional intake while also not feeling stuffed or bloated!

Generally, a meal majorly consists of two food groups, grains, and proteins. Whereas, a Smoothie can include more than two food groups, pushing the boundaries further on the nutritional front.

Smoothies can be a healthier option, not just for a meal, but for a dessert or snack grabbed on the go too.

Unlike juicing, where only fruits can be added to the drink, Smoothie allows a wide range of ingredients including greens, nuts, seeds, and even vegetables. As a result, where juices have a runny consistency, Smoothie recipes can be customized with the help of ingredients making it thick, creamy, or a bit thinner in consistency, as your preference.

Though daily, it could be a bit difficult to eat fruits and vegetables along with meals every day. Given the dual nature of meals, this could easily lead to overeating and weight gain.

And that’s where Smoothies have an added advantage – Helps get the goodness of a meal along with the nourishment of fruits and vegetables

Meal replacements may not always be used for feasibility. Another reason could be choosing a healthier lifestyle or simply losing weight. What we would want to advise is – Don’t go on a weight loss spree mindlessly, rather focus on maintaining a healthy weight instead.


If you are juggling multiple things and still need time to prepare a wholesome meal, the trick is to plan! No, this isn’t about burning the midnight oil, but it sure needs some work and time commitment.

Unlike food preparation that takes ages to prep with endless chopping, boiling, cutting, simmering, cleaning, etc. Smoothies can be made by simply tossing the whole ingredients into the blender and enjoying the nutrition-rich food. Further, Smoothies include no additives, preservatives, or stacked up artificial flavors, which are not easily digestible for the body! It’s natural, intact with nutrition and fiber, and made with superior quality fruits.

All this, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket!

The process is Smooth just as the name goes!

Sounds too good to be true?

At Pulpbrew, we have a wide spectrum of combinations, so it’ll be hard to pick your favorite one

For Who?

When you are engrossed with work and studies to climb the ladder and handle food ingredients and nutrition is alien to you, A smoothie with fibers intact comes to save the day. To add to the benefits, it’s packed with the right balance of calories, proteins, healthy fats, and daily vitamins.

Moreover, with no hassle of pre-cooking cleaning nor post it, makes it an even more feasible option.

The ingredients are mindfully picked to help you maintain a health-centric and nutrition-rich lifestyle despite no time to spare for yourself.

You wouldn’t even have to google for Smoothie recipes. We have those ready for you! Your food eaten in a hurry might fall short of a wholesome daily nutrition intake, but we wouldn’t let the compromise go on for much longer.


Our meals are put together with everyday nutrition needs in mind, so nothing overflows or falls short.

Keeping up with the lifestyle you envisioned for yourself could be hard at times given the pace the world moves at. With a Smoothie diet, we ensure that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you are looking to join the health brigade or looking just to get your tummy full, Smoothies are the healthiest meal replacement you can find.


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