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Your pre-workout should be something that provides you health benefits and more power to carry out the exercises just right.

What you should eat is a lesser-known fact, and we are here to shed some light on how it could help you. 

Pre-workout foods fuel our body during a workout session and help the body recover better with much more benefits to health.


Wonder how many times have you wondered, was it the egg first or the chicken?

Eggs are rich in essential amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and folic acid.

Though eggs are a calorie food, they are quite balanced as the egg whites contain protein, while the yolk can help the nutrition supplement by minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.

Consuming eggs pre-workout can help to enhance the muscle performance and better the chances of recovery. Since eggs are rich in essential amino acids which help to repair the damage in the muscle tissue during intense workout sessions.


Smoothies are not just a passing trend but a healthy habit that the masses have started to adopt to reach their health goals.

They are good to deliver the nutrients into the bloodstream both pre and post-workout.

Given that it’s easy to customize the recipes to fit your tastes and nutritional needs. With ingredients like proteins that enhance and aid muscle recovery, hydrates the body to replenish the lost fluids, and helps with multiple nutrients to energize the body and help it recover faster.


Bananas and potassium are almost used interchangeably! But what isn’t a well known fact is that bananas are also full of fiber, are a good source of Vitamin B6, a great source of carbs and are no sweat when it comes to digesting it.

A banana pre-workout can help with muscle function as it contains ample potassium. Bananas being a potassium powerhouse may also keep muscle cramps at bay


Oatmeals are a great source of carbs that help to keep energy levels up and running while the fiber content ensures the optimum levels of sugar released in the body. Oatmeals not only curb hunger and keep you full for longer but also ensures that the stamina levels are at the peak.

As rigorous workouts lead to protein breakdown, oatmeals being protein rich, help with this too!

What’s best is that you can customize it with the toppings of your choice!


We are not talking about the market sold froyo! Sure, frozen yogurts with your favorite flavours can be tasty, but they aren’t as good as what natural can be!

The natural yogurt contains calcium and proteins with the minimum and optimum level of sugar. Yogurts are known to be light on the stomach and supposed to be digested easily. And hence are ideal foods to eat pre-workout.

Just like an oatmeal, yogurts too can be customizable. You can eat it with honey, your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds as well as whole grain cereal.

As much as it tastes well, it can give a quick energy boost.

Sweet Potato 

Sweet potatoes are not just the winter staple, but can be eaten two to three hours prior to a workout, with copper which helps build healthy muscle tissue. 

Surprisingly Sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin C preventing muscle tissue breakdown. Moreover sweet potatoes have a high carb and a low glycemic index which helps them fuel the body with energy for rigorous workout sessions.

A Nutty Trail Mix

A bowlful of mixed nuts helps restore your protein stores and unsaturated fats. The antioxidants in them help to use the oxygen better and eventually lead to better results from your workout sessions.

Along with that, nuts and raisins also help the body with carbs and fiber. The protein helps in muscle recovery and the fats help reduce the inflammation that results due to exercise.

Yes, not all fats are bad!


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